What type of BroadSoft BroadWorks account do I need?
 Attaché works with BroadWorks Release 11.1 and newer. The BroadWorks user account must have the "Client Call Control" service.

Easy to Setup.
When you start Attaché, open AttachéPreferences (or Cmd-,) to set it up for your BroadWorks account.

Attache preferences panel

  • BroadWorks CAP/OCI Server. This is the BroadWorks server to which Attaché will connect. Your Broadworks Service Provider should provide this. (Service Providers: this should be a hostname or IP address for your External Web Server (EWS) cluster, such as portal.voipcarrier.net. Attaché can also talk directly to the Application Server (AS) cluster.)
  • BroadWorks User ID. Enter your BroadWorks web user ID here. This has letters and numbers, but no spaces. If your BroadWorks service provider provides you with a web portal to control your call settings, this is the same as your login to that web site. It is provided by your Broadworks Service Provider.
  • BroadWorks Web Password. This is the password you use to login to your BroadWorks Service Provider’s web portal. (Service Providers: this is not necessarily the same as the SIP Authentication password, the voicemail/email server password, or the voicemail PIN.)
  • Voicemail number. Enter the phone number of your voicemail box; normally this is your own phone number. When you transfer a number to voicemail, the call is transferred to this voicemail box.
  • Show Group Directory Entries with No Mobile Number. Check this box to show all group directory entries -- even ones that include no mobile number in the profile. Un-check this box to only view members of your group that include mobile phones.
  • License Key. Enter your full license key here, exactly as you received it in email from ECG.

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